Interview met Attila Koncz

Tell me, who are you?

I am Attila Koncz, I was born in Romania and currently I am living in Hungary. I am a professional sportsman, a member of the HELL Racing Team. I got my BA degree at the Sports University and I am doing my MA this year.

Do you have a family?

Yes, I have a wife.

How do you combine kickbox and family?

Fortunately, I can connect the sport with the family, as sport is my job. I must say special thanks to my sponsor HELL ENERGY, because I don’t have to do extra work besides sports, so I have time for my family, too.

Attila Koncz

“(…) but we can make a comparison of Netherlands to every country, because Dutch are the bests in this sport!”

What did you do before you started with kickboxing?

Before I started kickboxing, I had done MMA but that was more of fighting on the ground, Brazilian jiujitsu and not a stand-up fighting.

Why did you finally decided to go for kickboxing?

I have always preferred stand-up fighting to ground fighting.

Since which age did you start with kickboxing and where?

I was 20, when I started kickboxing in Marosvásárhely, Romania.

Sometimes people stop after a period with their sport to try something else. What inspires you to continue kickboxing?

I have always loved kickboxing, though I had no chance to train in my childhood, but when I grew up, I tried it and got to love it more.

How is kickboxing in Hungary compared with kickboxing in The Netherlands? Can you tell us the difference in level?

There is a big difference between Dutch kickboxing and Hungarian kickboxing, but we can make a comparison of Netherlands to every country, because Dutch are the bests in this sport!

What did you learn from kickboxing?

Thanks to kickboxing I learned to defend myself and the weaker ones. I also learned to win and lose and that it is important to go ahead, because life is not easy. Kickboxing also helped to learned to be well-behaved and trustworthy.

Have you ever had a match or more matches before? If yes, how many and what is your record.

I had 9 amateur fights, I won 6 of them and lost 3 of them. I had 3 semi-pro matches and I won all. I had 12 professional matches and I won 7 of them and lost 5 of them. I am Romanian national champion, a European champion, 2nd place world champion and a professional intercontinental champion.

Who is your biggest supporter during the matches?

My biggest fan is my wife who is always with me.

As a kickboxer, what do you think about nutrition?

I think that nutrition is important, because besides training hard the body should recover to be able to start the coming days again and again.

Are you strict what that concerns? Are you for example on a diet?

I have no special diet, but when I want to lose weight, I eat less, take care of my nutrition and I do not eat bread at night.

Do you look up to a champ? If yes, which champ and why?

The biggest sportsmen I admire are: Remy Bonjasky, Tyrone Spong, Floyd Mayweather. I look up to them, because I see them as real champions in the ring as well as in real life.

Remy Bonjasky

Tyrone Spong

Floyd Mayweather

How many times do you train?

I train 8-10 times a week.

“I choose Bonjasky Academy, because to be the best you should train with the best.”

You are following trainings at the Bonjasky Academy, why the Bonjasky Academy?

I choose Bonjasky Academy, because to be the best you should train with the best. It was my dream to train with a legend like Remy Bonjasky and learn from him.

What would you like to learn at the Bonjasky Academy?

I would like to learn everything to be the best.

What do you learn from Remy Bonjasky?

I learned a lot from Remy as he helped to correct my minor mistakes and he show me some tricks to be more effective as fighting.

Do you want to come back to the Bonjasky Academy and if yes, why?

Yes, I plan to come back and train here, as I would like to learn this style. I like the place and the trainings, moreover people are kind here, too.

What’s your dream regarding your kickboxing carriere?

My dream is to become a professional world champion and a well-known fighter.

Fotografie: Jeroen Oosterveld © Bonjasky Academy 2019