Ekrem Doruk
Klasse A

Ekrem Doruk, born on the 8th of August 1995 in Waldbröl, Germany.

At the age of 14 my uncle showed me the fighting Gym in Waldbröl and I started kickboxing with my trainer Asmir Burgic.

After the first training I realized that I found my passion and I knew that kickboxing was the right sport for me. I was avid of kickboxing from the first moment and started training every day.

Every fight should be an attractive fight for all people and all of my fans! (…)”

I had my first fight after only 6 weeks of training, a 4 man tournament for the Amateur German Championship. I won this tournament and had my first title.

At the age of 22 I gave up my job, because I wanted to train twice a day. This way I wanted to get closer to my dream of becoming the best fighter in my weight class.

So far, I have fought 39 matches in total, from which I have won 36 and 10 on KO. In the A class fought 8 matches, from which I have won 6 and all 6 on KO. During the fights I want to show a real war. Every fight should be an attractive fight for all people and all of my fans! For now, my biggest goal is still to be the best fighter in my weight class and beat everyone who crosses my path.

At this moment I also give kickbox training at the Fighting Gym in Waldbröl. I train both kids from 4 until 14 years old and adults, I also lead the gym for Asmir, the owner of the gym what I really like because every day I am busy with my sport.

From this year 2019, I am part of the Bonjasky Academy fighters. I am very proud to be part of this team because I am big fan of Remy Bonjasky. I saw all his fights and my dream is also to be one of the best fighters in the world, like Remy Bonjasky.

That’s my motivation, that’s why I train every day so hard, to be the best fighter in the world!


2009 – Amateur Muay Thai German Champion WKA 
2010 – Amateur K1 German Championiska 
2010 – Vize German Champion Muay Thai ISKA
2016 – Europe Champion IKBO – 78 kg